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blacksesame & deeppond's french illegitimate child

13 April
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yinyin | me.
my name is donna.
biologically, twenty-one. mentally, younger. physically, arguable. aussie/chinese and proud of it 90% of the time. older sibling. i love to smile & laugh & make others smile and laugh. i live to be happy, and wish i were just that all day, everyday. i do not get along with most humans. but the ones that i do get along with, i really couldn’t live without and i'd like to think that i'd do anything for them. i am an observer.
when i like something, i become infatuated. I live and breathe it like i don’t need anything else. it makes the prospect of falling in love ridiculously scary, or hilarious…music |shinhwa, dongbangshingi, superjunior, indie, movie soundtracks. books | twilight. tv | HZGG I&II, goong, coffee prince, kkotboda namjah, gossip girl. film | LOTR, twilight.
i love to pretend that i am creative. i think it’s obvious that it doesn’t come naturally, but it doesn’t stop me from trying. my outlets include singing, writing, sewing, photography and photoshop. i have attempted to add baking and knitting and scrapbooking and musical instruments to that list but…let’s just say it’s going to be a long learning process. i'm looking forward to it.

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